Waterbury Scavenger Hunt

This fun, self-guided scavenger hunt takes participants through Waterbury’s historical business district.

It is designed to be a walking event, with one entry per group.

Each correctly answered question is worth ONE point.
Each correctly answered BONUS question is worth THREE points.
Bonus questions are clearly labeled

Prizes will be awarded based on total points accumulated.

To enter, please email responses to Tom Badowski at badowski.tom@gmail.com by SUNDAY, 11/22/20 @ 3:00 pm.

Hint: There are a few questions that are historical in nature. You will not find these answers on your walk through town, so get out your secret decoder widgets!

  1. How many red cardinals are in Rusty Parker Park?
  2. What year is Stan’s Clock?
  3. What date is the patio Time Capsule to be opened?           
  4. On the tallest monument, what is the Eagle wearing?               
  5. How many hours did the DH-4 Biplane fly with no mishap?             
  6. Bonus Question #1:  The CC Warren Carriage House has a unique floor.
    • What is the floor?
    • Why was that floor used?    
  7. What was originally on the Lot where Peoples Bank is?      
  8. What can’t you do at Tiny Acorn’s front door?                
  9. Who you gonna call for a massage at 65 Main Street?      
  10. Bells, Bibles, and Benches …where are you?             
  11. What will Waterbury Service Center do?              
  12. Bonus Question #2: Name two current Main Street businesses that were home to Dufrain’s Doughnut Shop?                      
  13. Before you could get Beer and BBQ at Prohibition Pig, what community service center was housed in the building?                        
  14. How many Drafts on Main Street?                 
  15. What can Dottie do for you?              
  16. Counting backwards:
    • 3: McGillicuddy’s
    • 2: Allium
    • 1:  ________    (fill in the blank)  
  17. Where can you catch a ‘Trout and a Toddy’ ?            
  18. What can’t you get at Blue Stone?                   
  19. Hi …my Name is Craig Parker, friends call me ‘Rusty‘. What’s my call letters? 
  20. Who is honored in recognition for his tireless efforts in helping re-building this post?             
  21. Stowe Street Emporium was home to at least two other businesses, name one?    
  22. How many miles to Pooh’s Corner?              
  23. Bonus Question #3: Name the business that still has the old bowling alley for its flooring.
  24. How many Coffee Cups at Stowe Street Café ?         
  25. Who manages 40 Foundry Street?                
  26. What is the name of the ARRTI Garden on Foundry Street?            
  27. In the alley, past the Methodist Church, who is the Parking Lot for?            
  28. Before your cross through the fence, how many boulders are on the left?
  29. How many Shopping Cart Corrals are there?                 
  30. This business is anything but TINY. 
    • What does the three “T”s stand for?            
    • How many years have they been creating smiles?           
  31. What tops Kinney Drugs?              
  32. What can’t you do in Kinney Drug’s parking lot?  
  33. What can you get at Proud Flower?              
  34. Where do you go for your Coif ?            
  35. Name the perennial plant in Rusty Parker Park that was primarily donated by ARRTI.
  36. Double Bonus Question #4: Name the two items that were used to create the gazebo’s  lighting rod.